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RFID write reader

RFID write readers communicate wirelessly with RFID tags through antennas, and can read or write tag identification codes and in-memory data.

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Auto Recognition

Barcode scanner

Barcode scanner, is used to read the barcode contains information equipment, can be divided into one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcode scanner.

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Maintenakce Spare Parts

Printer spare parts

Printer spare parts contains Rub the paper round,The upper fuser roller,Power adapter and more.

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RFID industry application

1. Logistics: Logistics Warehousing is one of the most Potential Application areas of RFID. 2. Retail: RFID Applications Promoted by supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and Metro. 3. Manufacturing: Real-time monitoring, tracking, and automated production of production data applied to the production process. 4. Clothing Industry. 5. Medical Treatment. 6. Identification. 7. Anti-Counterfeiting. 8. Asset Management: All kinds of assets (precious or in large quantities, highly similar or dangerous goods, etc.) can be related to almost all items as the price of the label decreases..

Warehousing logistics express industry solutions

The increasing competition makes the high power and low cost logistics become a magic weapon for production enterprises to win in the market competition...

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Application of RFID in animal husbandry management

In the past 10 years or more, animal epidemics have been breaking out all over the world...

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Application of handheld terminal in retail industry

Marketing workshop USES RFID handheld terminal member management, SMS, electronic coupons, etc...

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Application of RFID technology in parking systeme

RFID smart card parking conduction system by user's vehicle operation process as the center...

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The application of RFID in library management system

With the development of The Times, the consulting civilization becomes more and more prosperous...

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The application of RFID in the pharmaceutical industry

Through the application of RFID handheld terminal in the mobile nurse station...

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