Need for Brand Protection

Thanks to fashion products’ diversity in forms, little space for encryption, diversity of consumer bases and vast sales regions, anti-counterfeiting measures that are extremely difficult to copy and easy to identify are needed while dealing with end-consumers so as to effectively contain counterfeiting; it should be easy to identify and universally available. Consumers should be able to discern the fake from the authentic in a direct and simple way while not being restrained by geographical limitations, conditions and knowledge of technologies; exquisitely designed and made

Need of Anti-Channel Conflict

Companies need to trace the each item’s logistics information in the distribution channel, monitor dealers’ cross region sales at certain level or various levels by a variety of means such as market regulation, consumer-aided inspection and so forth, gather evidence and grasp the whole picture of product circulation.

Need for Consumption Management

Consumers of fashion products tend to repeatedly buy other products from the same company, have higher repurchase rate, can optimize the process of sales promotion, reduce cost input and risk, and are the group of people whom you can target for spending information and shopping preference.

Digital Solution for Fashion Products

Use advanced internet technologies and tools to give every product an “Identity card”, aka traceability code, via common numerical code, bar code, two-dimensional bar code, RFID tag and so forth to achieve one code per item, gather data of and trace various links such as product manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, logistic transportation, market patrol and consumer, and achieve full-lifecycle management of products’ production link, sales link, circulation link and service link. Fully improve companies’ management tools and philosophy of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channel conflict, achieve circulation data tracing; reduce companies’ logistics cost, improve their distribution channel management; improve enterprises’ management efficiency, active information presentation and allow companies to check the information they need without any delay; monitor products’ flow direction, prevent any cross-region sales; grasp consumers’ information in due course and also allow consumers to learn your product information, supply each other’s needs and help with your corporate development.

Speed up operating process, offer diversified seasonal products, surpass customers’ expectations

Achieve interconnection of processes from manufacturing to shelf management. With the help of WinSafe solution, you can learn about the entire company’s inventory in real time, optimize the supply-demand balance at every level of the supply chain, and launch coordinated customer interaction in all channels and areas based on a single universal platform.

Digital technology has rewritten industry rules, play every step right in the fresh setup

Today, enterprises need to quickly create personalized customer experience, help business users make sensible decisions in real time, and interconnect historical data and transaction data in real time within the entire enterprise. With the help of WinSafe integrated software, you can reduce the cycle from concept building to product selling, enhance your cooperation and provide end-to-end visibility. By exploiting our efficient, automated process, you only need minimal resources and cost to realize your business goals, which allows you to focus on providing excellent experiences for customers.

Brand Management & Merchandise Sales

  • Marketing & brand data and insight
  • Product design & development
  • Channel planning, merchandise planning and product combination planning
  • Full-channel marketing
  • Full-channel pricing and promotion

Procurement & Manufacturing

  • Purchase data & insight
  • Sourcing & contract management (ERP)
  • Procuremen
  • Brand building
  • Operational excellence

Supply Chain

  • Supply chain data & insight
  • Demand planning
  • Supply planning
  • Full-channel inventory & order responding
  • Logistics & order fulfilling

Full-Channel Customer Experience

  • Customer data & insight
  • Customer interaction & individualization
  • Wholesale, store & digital commerce
  • Full-channel order management
  • Full-channel customer customer service

Construction Plan for Eco-Intelligence

Main function modules: System management, data management, product management, regulation code management, plan management, alert management, warehousing/delivery management, inventory management, flow direction management, stock search, cross region sale management, statistical statement.
Use advanced IOT technologies and tools to give every product an “Identity card”, aka traceability code, via common numerical code, bar code, two-dimensional bar code, RFID tag and so forth to achieve one code per item, gather data of and trace various links such as product manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, logistic transportation, market patrol and consumer, and achieve full-lifecycle management of products’ production link, sales link, circulation link and service link.

Digital Product Solution

Capable of identifying cross-region sale and gathering relevant information on its own and sending out warning e-mails using consumer anti-counterfeiting verification, dealers’ warehousing/delivery scanning according to products’ logistics region and consumers’ location; achieve cross-region sale information gathering and achieve the purpose of cross-region sale alert. Enterprises’ being able to resolve the conflict between dealers before the impact (harm) of cross-region sale spreads any further can both reduce the harm of cross-region sale and effectively maintain their relations with dealers, as well as maintaining sound marketing order.
Provide users with solutions such as strategic assessment, business analysis, system application and feasibility analysis through your actual operating process, help enterprises pinpoint their information technology and offer them instructions regarding their informatization construction.

Benefit Value

  • Improve enterprises’ anti-channel conflict tools and philosophy
  • Enhance enterprises’ quick reaction capacity to market
  • Enhance enterprises’ control over their distribution channels
  • Speed up enterprises’ logistical operation and reduce their costs
  • Effectively manage the last mile of enterprise’ retail terminals
  • Improve enterprise’ market competitiveness and product market share

Benefit Value

  • Anti-Counterfeiting check: Provide consumers with diversified, flexible and convenient authenticity check
  • Cross-region sale check: Provide enterprises and relevant distributors with query and statistics of their relevant distribution and cross-region sale information according to their access to query control.
  • Data analysis: Analyze and sort consumers’ query data and dealers’ cross-region sale data, and present them in a visual way using statements or diagrams.
  • Prevent cross-region sale at various levels
  • Multi-level packaging data structure

Digital Marketing Solution

Manage the day-to-day business and operation of existing product warehouse and storage area using advanced equipment such as bar code, RF wireless digital terminal. The system works independently and is capable of establishing seamless connection with host management system as required by clients besides finishing day-to-day warehouse business management and execution management. It can also timely communicate with conveyors at lower level through related equipment to achieve fast and efficient hardware control.

Benefit Value

  • Make maximal use of ERP efficiency;
  • Extend the nerves of informatization to workplace and solve executive-level problems in information management.
  • Replace original hand work with automatic ID terminal device to improve efficiency and reduce error rate.
  • Synchronized logistics and information flow to ensure timely, accurate data.
  • Improve inventory management to reduce logistics cost.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with simple handing-over link.
  • Reduce staffing and concurrent working of various links, solve the long lines during commodity warehousing and shipping.

Features of the Solution

  • Decision Support

    Optimize your decisions and increase your value.

  • Concrete Execution

    Improve your accuracy and yield, reduce your labor and equipment cost, lower existing stock, operation cost and overstock, and improve your customer satisfaction.

  • Business Collaboration

    Optimize your storage location, improve your customer service and use vendor managed inventory to improve your stock, order and shipment visibility.

  • Optimized Execution

    Use the space in your warehouse, your stock and workforce wisely, reward them for doing good in their jobs, improve the transparency of your key performance indicators, implement operation monitoring and strengthen your ability to control and deal with accidents.

Consumer Management Solution

It further expands consumers’ anti-counterfeiting check to improve their consumer experience. It deepens your communication with consumers by having them registering for membership. You may get hold of your products’ market condition by rewarding consumers with member points, gifts and raffle drawing, and collect relevant anti-forgery and anti-channel conflict data for your products.

Core Function

  • Product Promotion Brand Marketing Product Quality Marketing Complaint Management
  • Points System Gift Redemption Improve Customer Service Quality
  • Distinguish sham product from the real thing Health Tips Safety Precautions

Existing Market & Environment

As the high ground of global economic competition, the manufacturing sector is highly valued by all countries. China launched “Made in China 2025” in May 2015 to make a big push to steer the country toward a manufacturing powerhouse from a major manufacturer. Innovation is the central driver of “Made in China 2025” and significant changes are bound to happen to manufacturing sector’s mode of production, business organization and product model with the further integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry.
China’s manufacturing firms are faced with the dual pressure of challenges inside the industry and changes in the external environment. Inside the firms, increase in production cost, insufficient R&D investment, traditional mode of production are all specific issues that need to be addressed immediately for the moment. And from the perspective of external environment, consumers are now the more predominant player, and development of big data, cloud computing, mobile, social, 3D printing, robot technologies will subvert the old manufacturing pattern, and the trend of cross-border industry and servitization of manufacturing are also becoming increasingly evident.
The constant innovation and development of technology will drive the increase in productivity of traditional manufacturing and improvement of product performance, as well as the development emerging strategic industries such as new materials, new energy resources, new bioproducts, new advanced equipment and so on. In the future, application of information technology will be furthered in various links of the manufacturing industry including R&D design, equipment production, enterprise management, product circulation, marketing channel and so forth, and information technology and the manufacturing sector will fully integrate with each other.

Industry 4.0

The core of “Industry 4.0” is intelligent production technology and intelligent production pattern. It’s designed to establish an organic connection among your product, machine, resource and personnel using the “Internet of Things” and “Internet of Services”, facilitate sharing of data in various links and achieve digitization of product’s full lifecycle and complete manufacturing process.

There are four strategic points when it comes to“Industry 4.0”: Building a network, studying two main themes, finishing integration of three systems and implementing eight plans. A network refers to the CPS (Cyber-Physical System), aka connecting your physical equipment with the internet and provide them five major functions, namely computing, communication, precision control, remote coordination and autonomy, thereby achieving integration of virtual cyberspace and the physical world in reality. Two themes refer to intelligent plant and intelligent manufacturing. Integration of three systems includes horizontal integration of enterprises in the value chain, vertical integration form by networked manufacturing system, as well as the end-to-end integration of product’s full lifecycle and complete manufacturing process. Eight plans include standardization and frame of reference, managing complex system, infrastructure of industrial broadband, safety and security, work organization and design, training and sustainable career development, regulatory framework, efficiency of resource utilization.

Building a new data insight-driven value network

Participant, product and manufacturing are the three elements in the process of value creation. In the new value network, with the help of the new generation of information technology platforms such as big data, cloud computing, the inter of things, mobile internet and so on, enterprises can get accurate data insights and deem them as their central driver to transform their entire R&D, manufacturing and sales links, and achieve coordinated interconnection of participant, product and manufacturing; in the meanwhile, data insights always run through the three elements, namely participant, product and manufacturing to render them the capacity of intelligent analysis and auto-optimization, achieve the role switching of “intelligent participant”, “intelligent product” and “Intelligent manufacturing”.


As the central driver, data insights are carried throughout the entire new value network. Data insights run through the entire new value network in the form of demand orientation, innovation driving, agile production and collaboration so as to make sure that you can accurately respond to your market demand in real time, continue to optimize your product R&D innovation, direct your productive resources allocation and decision-making in real time as well as interconnection of industry chain on a global scale.


Intelligent Participant:

  • Achieve precise insights of customer demands and coordination within the industry chain
  • Explore customer demands
  • Manage your customer relations
  • Achieve resource coordination within the industry chain

Intelligent Product:

  • Establish data insights that run through your the entire life cycle of your products
  • Establish an integrated product R&D model
  • Optimize your R&D with big data
  • Implement product data management

Intelligent Production:

  • Improve the level of intelligence and informatization of your production
  • Achieve auto-control
  • Implement manufacturing execution management
  • Implement predictive maintenance

Coordinated Interconnection:

  • Establish a globally interconnected eco-network
  • Promote customer-coordinated innovation
  • Achieve globally-integrated operation
  • Promote innovation and operation of service-oriented products

What can WinSafe do        What will YOU get


Intelligent Participant

  • Change from “Organizing various resources by centering on production” to “Organizing various resources by centering on customer demands”;
  • Change from linear value delivery to netlike value interaction;
  • More participants are involved in the value-creating process and their roles are becoming increasingly diversified.

Intelligent Product

  • Product value is mainly reflected in its excellence and experiences that are beyond customers’ expectations;
  • Better fit between product and customer demand, making individualized and service-oriented product become the mainstream;
  • Product R&D appears to be more open-sourced, integrated and coordinated.

Intelligent Production

  • Improvement in efficiency and risk control are the two driving factors for equipment transformation;
  • Higher information interaction between different equipment, more accurate and faster interaction process.

Coordinated Interconnection

  • Achieve transboundary and transregional resource allocation on a global scale;
  • Directly guide the overall design, R&D, production, sales as well as after-sales service processes of your products on the basis of big-data analysis, and achieve customized, flexible, automated production;

  • With the help of industry chain interconnection and coordination, achieve innovation of business model and service transformation, and eventually achieve the goal of symbiosis and win-win.

Learn about your production and operation in real time, enhance global coordination

With the help of WinSafe intelligent manufacturing integrated platform, you can optimize your entire manufacturing process, including your production plan, project management, process planning, compliance management and Mobile supply chain management and so on while cutting down your overall manufacturing cost.

Meet enterprise’s unique production demand

Achieve interconnection between workshop and higher management: Automated production process, achieve volume production and efficient product delivery; quickly, readily change your product line and production sequence.

Build an open integrated plant using interconnection process

Quickly and seamlessly integrate your ERP process and operation execution process, thereby optimizing your manufacturing execution, manufacturing integration and intelligence, as well as factory-wise interconnection.

Insight Obtaining and Operation Optimization

WinSafe software can help you integrate your workshop system with your core enterprise application so that you can get a more complete picture of and better control your manufacturing and operating process. In this was, you can extend your normal run time, reduce your process change, respond to process problems more quickly, and provide more consistent and satisfactory customer experiences.