Digital Marketing  

Create unparalleled marketing experience for every customer

With our expertise in fields such as big data, business intelligence, counselling, full-channel marketing and so forth, we can help companies interact with customers and maximize their customer value through integration of industry digital marketing resources.

  • You will be able to gain insights into your customers, learn more about each customer’s information; deliver scenario-based experiences from all channels, thereby deliver real-time experiences throughout their shopping process; run faster and more flexible marketing campaigns, seize new business opportunities, improve your customer conversion rate, boost your business and improve your brand advocacy.

    • Cloud deployment

    • Marketing Analysis

    • Marketing Resource Management

    • Loyalty Management

  • We provide marketing and analysis features based on on-premise deployment or private cloud deployment mode, which can not only solve companies’ (those in supervised industries) problems of not being able to save customer data on public cloud, but also enables them to take advantage of our wide range of customized and expanded features through their own marketing platforms.

    • On-Premise Deployment

    • Customer Segmentation & Marketing Campaign Management

    • Marketing Clue Management

Digital Marketing 

Succeed in ALL Channels

You can help your employees learn about their customers, wisely interact with them, create dynamic customer data, and use these data to gain some deep insights, and then meet their demands and adapt to the market trend; improve your customer conversion rate and customer loyalty with our personalized real-time delivery experience; as well as learn about the result of their marketing plan in real time, thereby flexibly adjust their strategies and seize new business opportunities.

  • With the marketing tools we offer, you can provide a unified platform for your marketing personnel, help them manage all marketing activities, further divide their customer list more easily, build personalized products and services, and launch cost-effective marketing campaigns.

    • On-Premise Deployment

    • Marketing Resource Management

    • Marketing Campaign Management

    • Marketing Analysis

    You can unleash media shopping’s full potential by taking advantage of the entire digital advertising ecosystem; and launch more customized marketing campaigns based on customers’ demands, real-time monitoring and reporting to push beyond traditional marketing.

    • Cloud Deployment

    • Target market and customer information matching

    • Real-time marketing campaign management

    • Transparent, visualized marketing process

  • You may get the flexibility you need, write codes in any language as you wish. You may also use the supportive community to get all of the information that your own products need; simplify the R&D process, improve your flexibility and agility, and speed up your rate of innovation.

    • Cloud Deployment

    • Secure, reliable and expandable

    • Flexible, loosely coupled service

Digital Marketing 

Interact with customers via digital marketing channels

Customers expects innovative delivery options and seamless services at every point of contact. We join all services together to provide you with genuine full-channel brand experiences: Gain insights into customers during their entire shopping process and deliver personalized and relevant shopping experiences using all channels available.

  • Create a unified customer view

    Establish connection with customers at the right time and quickly make them their own personalized experiences in all channels using real-time insight.

    Maintain effective interaction with customers all the time

    Take advantage of personalized products and services to launch targeted data-driven marketing campaigns, and analyze marketing data from digital channels and social channels to learn more about customers’ interests.

• Item Code Marketing

Talk with your customers at all times and places in the new age of brand marketing

Easily and quickly establish the online/offline two-way connection, obtain product information with ease by QR code scanning and join QR code marketing campaigns such as points, prize drawing and so on at the same time. Our customer behavior analysis will help companies continue to improve their personalized interactions with every customer and enhance their brand loyalty.

  • Put QR codes that contain information such as brand content, sales promotions on product packaging to turn every product QR code into an access to the internet that connects companies and the market up, increase product sales and make promotion incentives more timely and effective.

    • Boost product sales

    • Foster a fan base and establish interaction with customers

    • Improve the accuracy of marketing, support tailored strategy for every store and every place

    • Increase cost usage to prevent interception and save costs

    • Increase the flexibility of marketing campaigns. You may adjust you campaign strategy promptly at all times that range from after action review to midway interruption.

Help brands establish connection with customers by using our “One-Item-One-Code” technology for innovative marketing

  • Launch diversified marketing campaigns and customer stickiness maintaining activities

    Including online and offline campaigns such as crossover marketing, member points, interactive prize drawing, handing out red envelopes and special offers. You may also maintain your customer stickiness through accumulated code scanning such as continuous scanning, member points, continuous sign-ins and so forth.

    Promptly adjust your marketing strategies to improve the efficiency of your campaigns

    Campaigns may be quickly deployed based on product, time and place. You may monitor the effect of campaigns on every dimension in real time. Brands may adjust their marketing campaigns at any moment according to the reports on these campaigns, adjust their marketing strategy deployment in a more flexible and timely fashion, and improve the efficiency of their campaigns.

    •Help brands improve their customers’ personalized user experiences

    Code-scanning brings a large number of data, which produces valuable insights into customers through analysis. Brands may use these insights for precision marketing so as to improve their personalized user experiences.

With the leading technology and execution of our digital marketing platform, impeccable data monitoring and analyzing system, campaign planning and support throughout the whole process, we are capable of providing digital marketing counselling, digital marketing platform building and digital marketing operation services to industries such as food, liquor, daily chemicals, agriculture, e-consumer and so on.

  • Data Gathering & Unified Files

    From channels to customer behaviors, from CRM to offline data, it’s capable of automatic data gathering across all resources and establishing customer overview with the most abundant information. It can establish a unified file overview and find any individual customer and establish some sort of contact with him or her via the customer’s interaction at all points of contact.

    From Data to Information

    It can turn piles of data into intelligent information using our self-learning algorithm that’s capable of executing, analyzing and revealing specific action plans. Automatically divide various contacts into different groups, calculate their individual connection to the products and perform more operations so as to truly know about the users behind certain brand.

  • Personalized Cross-Channel Execution

    No matter where your customers are, you can draw them over by carefully scheduling marketing campaigns through all channels including e-mail, text, data push, audience of social media (including offline ones).

    Report & Vision

    WinSafe digital marketing will help your know and locate your customers in a scientific way using unprecedented approaches.

The essence of the communication between customers and companies is the product. Companies wish to have more effective interaction with their users via products whereas users wish that they can enjoy better services by communicating with these companies. Both parties’ demands may be met on the basis of products, which consequently has produced big data of the closed interactive loop between companies and users via products.

  • Stimulate the market with individualized experiences

    Compared to sales promotion on the spot, the “One-Item-One Code” marketing can better help brands improve their customers’ individualized user experiences; and the fun brought by code-scanning and the convenience brought by O2O online-offline combination also fits into the spending pattern of the mainstream consumer groups living in the age of Internet +, which helps to stimulate the market.

    Build a bridge of communication with real-time interaction

    Consumers today are all used to code-scanning and our “One-Item-One Code” marketing scheme has exactly capitalized on such habit. Scanning a code gives consumers the following benefits: member points, interactive prize drawing, red envelope snatching, etc., which allow merchants to communicate and interact with their customers in real time.

  • Achieve precision marketing using precise data

    Different marketing campaigns can attract different customers. Sales promotions launched via “One-Item-One-Code” can bring merchants lots of consumer data through their code-scanning, which can help companies get a rough picture of their customers, such as their spending power, buying time, name, area and so on, and prepare for precision advertising in their secondary marketing.

    Product tracing and efficient marketing

    Our “One-Item-One-Code” can give every product a unique identity that helps with digital marketing, tracing, anti-counterfeit and anti-channel conflict of products, which serves the purpose of help companies improve their marketing efficiency and expand their market share.

• Customer Insight

Offer end-to-end seamless service to ensure customer satisfaction

You may provide high-value personalized services for your customers before, after during their purchase. Specifically speaking, you can provide your customer service representatives with the professional knowledge and tools they need in due course, provide customers with self-service website , call center or field service, thereby deliver them the quality service they expect.

  • You can provide your customer service representatives with complete views of customers and deliver individualized full-channel service; provide technical staff with the data and tools they need to help every customer, thereby improve your first call resolution of your field service; and manage and track your customer service performance from end to end, make sure that they have received quality services.

    Provide services through channels customers prefer

    Provide customer service representatives with easy-to-use tools that allow them to readily access relevant customer data so as to provide customers with smooth, personalized interactive service experiences.

    Meet customers’ demands

    By creating customer-driven service experiences, you can surpass the traditional pattern of service and support and use simple technical architecture to deliver outstanding end-to-end services.

    Deliver quality services at all customer contact points

    On the basis of a single information source, flexibly adjust your channels of interaction, offer end-to-end seamless customer service experiences that cover low-contact service and highly complicated interaction and field service.

Design targeted marketing campaigns according to the characteristics of different network platforms and businesses of different brands to improve their brand awareness.

  • Customer Pain Points/Challenges

    • Achieve maximum output-input ration at reasonable cost

    • Turn customer insight from data analysis into practicable and assessable implementation plan

    • Use multi-channel, multi-media tools to make customized marketing campaign plans and achieve high-precision personalized communication

  • Precision Marketing

    Solution Description

    WinSafe has built a model that fits market logic and made humanized network customization using available data. It designs customized marketing campaigns according to the characteristics of different network platforms and businesses of different brands to improve their brand awareness. Coordinate and integrate media resources, effectively deliver assessment of the execution and later activities of marketing campaign and hold consumer trends.

    During event-triggered precision marketing campaigns, we will bring your brand extra revenue, cut down necessary communication cost and quickly increase your ROI (core assessment indexes include response rate, increase in sales figures, repurchase rate, etc.). Bring your brand better repurchase rate and give your customers better user experiences in our marketing plan for traditional life cycle optimization. Provide even more seamless communication experiences in all kinds of channels that customers may come across.

Get hold of your users’ habits and learn how your employees are doing with their job assignments in real time via WeChat so as to achieve task assigning of WOM (Word-of-Mouth) platforms and mobile management of information gathering.

  • Customer Pain Points/Challenges

    • Build social media for in-depth interaction with customers

    • Carry out efficient employee management and task assignment inside the companies

    • Run efficient word-of-mouth marketing using available employee resources

    • Have effective communication with customers by proper means at the right time and place to provide personalized customer relation management

  • Social CRM

    Solution Description

    WinSafe fully gets hold of your users’ information exchanging, receiving and searching habits through WeChat, learns how your employees are doing with their job assignments in real time and achieve WOM platforms’ top-down task assigning and bottom-up mobile management of information gathering. Strengthen the bond between brands and their employees, employees and customers as well as brands and customers on the basis of your employees’ connections.

    We can make the most of your employees’ initiatives so that they would voluntarily spread your brand information on their own, find target consumers and opinion leaders, and lower your communication cost. Our distributed CRM management can make customized marketing process around your users, expand your channels for user participation and improve your user engagement. We can also monitor and analyze users’ feedback on different media and help your companies quickly, conveniently identify and respond to your users behavioral characteristics on social media.

Design systematic, customized customer loyalty system by incorporating your company’s operating process and the best practices in the industry

  • Customer Pain Points/Challenges

    • Build your company a complete customer loyalty system

    • Build a membership system to effectively improve your customer satisfaction, motivate your old customers and develop new customers, improve your market profile and sales

    • Run a healthy, effective customer loyalty system inside your company

  • Loyalty Marketing

    Solution Description

    WinSafe designs systematic, customized customer loyalty system by incorporating your company’s operating process and the best practices in the industry. We develop customized standards and instructions on membership application, grade, rights and interests, points, communication and partner marketing and so on based on your company’s specific situation, design all sorts of reports and offer suggestions on your financial model according to the module division of your members, develop relevant index estimation, and provide your company with customized operating structure, standard operating process and members’ handbook of your membership system.

    We help companies learn about their customers on a deeper level, know the development direction and strategic goal of their customer loyalty, establish a measurable customer value evaluation system, expand the size of your potential customer and member base through diversified, multi-dimensional member and points reward and communication, thereby achieve customized marketing of customers. Help our clients control the critical points in their operating process and promotion tactics through operating process and development roadmap designing.

• Business Forecast

Precisely Predict The Outcomes Using Forecasting Analysis

Meeting companies distinct demands for forecasting analysis; use forecasting algorithm and machine learning to evaluate the change of future results and make sure that your company is heading in the right direction.

  • You can create, deploy and maintain thousands of forecasting models with WinSafe Business Forecast. This on-premise product can help you predict future behaviors and results, and instruct the entire digital firm to make more sensible and profitable decisions.

    WinSafe Business Forecast has integrated our forecasting analysis cloud software and business intelligence and planning tools and is able to help you complete tasks such as detecting, visualizing, planning and forecasting according to different scenarios. In addition, you may also use fast-running WinSafe memory computing technology and machine learning to discover relevant forecast insights in real time.

Explore the features of our solutions, learn how to meet companies’ demands for terminal-to-terminal forecasting analysis and business forecasting by using these features.

  • Model Management

    • Directly deployed in the operating process and thousands of forecasting models embedded

    • Measure and maintain every model’s best performance and schedule update as needed

    • Manage the entire life cycle of forecasting modelling

  • Forecasting Modelling

    • Use automation and configuration features to finish building your forecasting model in several days without writing codes at all.

    • Easily access all kinds of machine learning algorithms.

    • Finish forecasting modelling of big data locally

  • Forecast Management

    • Speed up your data preparation process and integrate all kinds of data sets such as demographics, transaction data and service call data.

    • Create and manage large analytical data set (up to 5000 columns).

    • Improve your forecasting ability to get more accurate predictable results.

    • Predictive Analysis of Network and Connection

      • Data are represented by diagrams to show the their connection with products or entities.

      • Dig into and explore the connection between customers and social media influencers

      • Come up with suggestions on products based on social network analysis.

      • Use geographic coordinates data to build models and access the geographic location with the greatest number of visitors in a visualized manner.

    • Rating

      • Speed up your data rating process and enable forecasting model in the database right away when anything happens.

      • Generate codes for all kinds of target database.

      • Embed accurate forecasting results into your operating process

Business Intelligence Solution

Our business intelligence (BI) tool supports two deployment patterns, namely on-premise and cloud, and provide our users with executable information that’s readily available. By using our business intelligence (BI) tool, companies can get rid of their subjectivity, monitor their key performance and dig into valuable insights of relevant customer behaviors.

  • Business Intelligence Platform

    • Allow companies to readily access all the information they need by themselves through our flexible and expandable platform and make decisions whenever they want.

    • Make the best of the latest BI technology and all sorts of data sources

    • Allow decision-makers to access real-time business intelligence using any device anytime anywhere

  • Data Dashboard

    • Use WinSafe’s highly appealing and insightful data dashboard and application to make your data clear at a glance and easy to understand, thereby improve the decision making process within your company

    • Build highly interactive and role-based BI dashboard and provide decision-makers with reliable aggregate data through any device anytime anywhere.

  • Business Intelligence Report

    • Build better company report system to guide your overall BI strategy.

    • Offer meaning insights for your employees, customers and partners.

    • Quick to solve any business problems anytime anywhere and readily share your findings and conclusions

  • Data Visualization & Data Analysis

    • Use user-friendly self-service tools to integrate data from multiple data sources, analyze the trends, cite previous cases and attract your audience

    • Share business insights that are easy to understand and spread in real time within the entire company

Marketing Big Data

Help companies trace their customer behaviors both online and offline, integrate data, dig into deeper and more specific customer insights, combine traditional CRM with online customer classification and insight model, and build customer models that are even more accurate.

  • Customer Pain Points/Challenge

    • Plan new marketing campaigns and strategies by analyzing your company’s past and existing data analyses.

    • Fully integrate your company’s data both online and offline

    • Gain in-depth insights and analyze your customer base based on integrated data

  • Solution Description

    WinSafe permeates through all online advertising channels on a full scale with monitoring codes on your company’s existing CRM database, complete your customers online behaviors, label them by running in-depth analysis of their online and offline behaviors, integrate the gathering, cleaning, cultivation, allocation, tracking, back-feeding, process optimizing all-in-one system and operating services of online and offline full-channel sales leads, and provide customized services based on your company’s development direction and logic.

    We help companies track their customers’ behaviors both online and offline, integrate their data, dig into deeper and more specific customer insights, combine traditional CRM with online customer classification and insight model, and build customer models that are even more accurate, and design and monitor precision marketing on the basis of our customer insights.