Due to the rampant counterfeits in China’s market and some dealers’ unscrupulous cross-region sales for the sole purpose of increasing their own interests and sales, counterfeits and cross-region sales are found all the time. The severe consequence of cross-region sales undermines the marketing system that take enterprises years to build in the first place; causes enterprises to lose effective control of the market, which leads to chaotic price, difficulty in payment settlement, and enterprises are forced to surrender part of the profits which severely harmed their band reputation. Counterfeits and cross-region scales have greatly disrupted normal market order and drained consumers’ trust in product safety.

In order to put an end to cross-region sale, restrain rampant counterfeits, get hold of the latest information on your products in real time and help with marketing, we are assigning every product a unique item code and hoping to achieve the following goals:

  • Build a product tagging system
    Uniqueness of tagging, establish connection among product-in the box-carton for your production line, accurate information grabbing, accurate tagging system
  • Enrich consumer application
    Through scanning QR code by cell phones of end-market Achieve product tracking, distinguishing between the real thing and counterfeit, and mobilize your channels with points management
  • Achieve effective channel management
    Achieve efficient channel management for Yinlong from warehouse to dealers and retailers’ precise, real-time data capture
  • Precise direction tracking
    Real time product tracking, data synchronization, adapting to the trend of the big-time era
  • Integrate various systems
    Compatible with various mainstream systems, highly open and expandable


Viking™ Bluetooth Beacon Series
Set the benchmark for industrial asset tracking, indoor, outdoor positioning and remote sensing application.
Carrier Pro™RFID Flexible Tag
Special washable tag designed for plastic recyclable rotables, suitable for highly-challenging items that are used in harsh environment and to hold substance that contains lots of water.
Casey™RFID Flexible Tag
Suitable for disposable tag used in logistics domain.
Ironside Slim™RFID Hard Tag
Compact long, narrow multi-purpose tag, suitable for asset identification management running on global frequency band.
Silverline Slim™RFID Flexible Tag
Easy-to-use metal-resistant RFID ultra high frequency (UHF) flexible tag, compact, may be mounted to curved surface, suitable for electronic device and industrial equipment identification such as cable, pipeline, etc.


Flex™RFID Metal-Resistant Tag
Specifically designed for matching of various components, be it made of plastic or metal, flat-surfaced or curved-surfaced, on the back of the tag’s flexible structure are firm adhesive strips, which make it a durable identification product widely used in car battery, plastic component and so forth.
Captura™RFID Hard Tag
C1G2 standard hard tag that combines high performance, safety and usability together, very easy to install.
Survivor™RFID Hard Tag
A metal-resistant tag of superior performance, suitable for logistics management, traffic management domain.
Silverline Micro™RFID Flexible Tag:
Easy-to-use metal-resistant RFID flexible tag, suitable for IT assets, enterprise assets, high value products and management of tools’ identify.
Xenon™ Tear-Resistant Tag
Xenon™ is a tear-resistant tag that has combined many virtues together , such as small in size, extremely tear-resistant, stable performance, long reading distance and so forth,

Brand protection are faced with new challenges

Facing the tremendous challenge posed by counterfeits, not being able to predict the characteristics of counterfeits, consumers’ losing confidence in your brand, how do you establish an interactive mechanism and effectively monitor the circulation in your distribution channels?
RFID is a flexible application technology that’s maneuverable, simple, practical and particularly suitable for automation control. Since identification must be done without any manual intervention, it supports both read-only and read-write mode without touching or aiming; it works well under all kinds of harsh conditions: short-distance RF products can work in harsh environment such as oil stain and dust. You may use it to replace bar code, e.g. tracking items on factory’s assembly line; long-distance RF products are mainly used in transportation and it has a read range up to tens of meters,e.g. auto fare collection or vehicle identification. Its unique superior is beyond the reach of other recognition technologies.

Problems faced by many enterprises

  • Low transparency of channel inventory, poor circulation monitoring.
  • Unable to track product circulation, dealers’ cross-region sales
  • Cross-region sales between middlemen: Unbalanced supply-demand between different places
  • Cargo may be undersold in two places for the sake of quick turnover.
  • An even worse malicious phenomenon of cross-region sale is that dealers mix counterfeits up with authentic ones and try to grab for a market share.

WinSafe owns electronic tags, intelligent labels and readers of nearly 100 variety/technologies, which are in line with many protocols such as ISO 15693, ISO18000, EPC C1G2 and so forth. Characterized by its long reading range, adaptability to high-speed mobility, great information capacity, multi-tag identification, it may be widely used in many fields such as book and file management, liquor anti-counterfeiting, livestock breeding and meat tracing, asset tracking, logistics and supply chain, motor vehicles, clothes, access control, tickets and so forth.

RFID lead you on a journey of intelligent protection

Main characteristics

  • Convenient and quick reading: Light source not needed for data reading, may even be done through exterior package. Greater effective read range, which may reach up to 30 meters in the case of active tag with built-in battery.
  • Quick identification: Once the tag is within its magnetic field, the reader can immediately read the information it carries and is capable of dealing with multiple tags at the same time so as to achieve bulk identification.
  • Huge data capacity: QR bar code(PDF417) with the greatest data capacity can only store 2725 numbers; and its memory capacity is even smaller when there are letters; RFID tags may be expanded to tens of thousands based on users’ demands;
  • Long service life and broad scope of application: its radio communication allows it to be used in highly contaminated and radioactive environment where there are dust and oil stain, and its closed package gives it a service life that’s much longer than that of printed bar code;
  • Tag data may be dynamically changed: You may write data using a programmer, thereby rendering RFID tag the feature of interactive portable data fie and the write time is shorter compared to bar code printing;
  • Superior security: Not only can you embed or attach it to products of different shapes and types, you can also set password for the reading and writing of tag data, thus making it even more secure;
  • Dynamic real-time communication: The tag communicates with reader at a frequency of 50~100 times per second. As long as any item with RFID tag appears within the reader’s effective read range, it will be able to track and monitor the item’s position.