As the internet and information technology continue to develop, QR code technology has been widely used in production, logistics, warehousing, channel and circulation fields. It has changed people’s way of living and management of production operation process, greatly improved our productivity. QR codes can carry massive information and is very powerful when it comes to fouling resistance, and it enjoys unique advantage in anti-counterfeiting and tracking.

Combination of Coding and Products

dimensional codes may be assigned to different product packagings and different packaging hierarchies. Coding on every hierarchy can cover all information in various links of the supply chain from raw material-production process-inventory information -sales regions-target customer and so forth.

Combination of Coding and Channels

Enterprises can access information of cargo movement in various channels by using QR code and such information includes data such as channel inventory, when the cargo is being shipped to so as to help enterprises make better production plans.

Combination of Coding and Channels

Enterprises may follow residue of pesticide waste while launching more marketing campaigns by using QR code.

Combination of Coding and Farms

Enterprises may provide end consumers with more services such as product recommendation, instructions on drug use, waste disposal, store searching and so forth by using QR code.

Advantages of QR Code

  • Massive information capacity Broad range of coding High fault-tolerance
  • Excellent confidentialityHigh decoding reliabilityLow cost
  • DM code
  • Even small in size
  • Suitable for high-speed printing
  • Smaller information capacity
  • QR code
  • Higher error correction rate
  • Fast reading
  • Greater information capacity



Put your product on our users’ cell phone

E-Label is the exclusive mobile marketing tool we specifically designed for farming supply enterprises in the industry. It helps enterprises spread product technology and application experiences to various channels, retailers and farmers in the simplest and concisest way possible; printing the 2-diemensional code it generates on tags and posters gives your product excellent publicity and exposure. It also has a huge map of built-in pest database and integrated anti-counterfeiting technology, thus can serve multiple purposes with simply one code.

Enterprise can obtain the following information whenever a customer scans your QR code

  • Obtain end farmers’ information in real time.
  • Identify your products’ market movement.
  • How many wastes from product packaging may be recycled
  • Improve the interaction between enterprises and farmers.

Secure, expandable and low cost

Product = Content, Product = Channel

  • Focus on brand value delivery in the age of mobile internet
  • Easier to use, no need for APP installation
  • Elegantly present your brand content, fast and low cost
  • Make information security first
  • Product = Content
         Users own all product contents as soon as they get their products
  • Product = Channel

         Overcome all obstacles, make product itself a distribution channel

Application Scenario

With its industry-leading digital marketing platform technology and implementation capacity, impeccable data monitoring and analysis system, whole-process event planning and support, WinSafe can provide industries such as food, liquor, daily chemical, agriculture, consumer electronics and so forth with digital marketing counseling, digital marketing platform building and digital marketing operation service. As a professional digital marketing product in the vertical, cloud single page has such a simple, elegant and secure way of putting farming supplies on cell phones.
  • Farmers can get field technical support at any moment
  • Merchants spread product knowledge to their users via cell phones
  • Allow more people to get the latest technical know-how
  • Reduce material input, timely and quick version updating
  • Quick and thorough communication, reduce the money spent on meetings and traveling
  • Seamless connection with enterprises’ WeChat official account
  • Activate big screen at experience centers
  • Other scenarios: Poster, single page, ads.

Product Superiority

  • No hardware investment, Scan with WeChat, easy to use
  • Use product as a channel, easy to spread when used in combination with WeChat
  • Specifically developed for farming supplies, high degree of information integration
  • Brand manager’s pattern of thinking, contents presented in an elegant fashion
  • Over 10 years of experiences in information management, highly secure and controllable
  • Integrated big data: tracking, anti-counterfeiting, counting, investigating and surveying
  • Quick, low-cost, real-time interaction, expandable
  • Powerful technical support and development capacity, foolproof software/hardware foundation