• Accurate Tagging

Tag products with unique IDs. Start from the smallest unit of identity data, establish connection among packing codes at all levels and provide fundamental data for subsequent logistics tracking and interactive marketing.

  • Visually-accessible manufacturing process, making production information clear at a glance

    • Provide corresponding tagging equipment based on your production lines, pick the best form of tagging for your products.

    • Establish connected management of product anti-counterfeit logistics code online based on the level of your product packaging that ranges from basic packaging to maximum packaging.

    • Equip your production line with LCD (liquid crystal display) panels that display the production information of the very production line: Product name, product specification, information to print, product yield and how it matches the production plan.

  • Speed up the process of Industry 4.0 by using the unique ID code as the access

    • Create production line tagging design without changing the original production process of your production line;

    • Industrial automation, intelligent recognition, manifold information encryption technology and software-hardware integration are employed;

    • Flexible solution to enterprises’ demands such as multiple production lines, multiple packaging stations and specifications, etc.;

    • Come with product tagging, data collection, multi-level packaging association features;

    • Capable of running in auto-association mode, scan-association mode as well as multi-level association mode at the same time;

    • Operation tips clear at a glance, highly adaptable to changes, flexible enough to deal with abnormalities in production;

    • Capable of real-time data management and system integration when combined with relevant IOT hardware as well as recognition and control technology.

  • Get your smart factory at one touch by centering on products

    Mode of Tagging

    Production line online tagging Packaging plant pre-tagging Manufacturing plant pre-tagging Meet your tagging demands under different production modes including stand-alone mode, integrated management, group management, offline production and so forth;

    Information Gathering

    Automatically record relevant information such as the date of manufacture, batch No. and so forth of each pack of product and gather important information such as yield, use of consumables as well as employees’ workload and so forth;

    System Integration

    Support third-party platform as well as information management system integration and provide relevant data;

    Precise Management & Control

    Mass data processing, full-circulation domain data tracking, distributed group and enterprise architecture, multi-service concurrence, faithful implementation of enterprise management and control.

  • Technology

    Widely used in all sorts of production lines, tackle tagging problems for high-speed production lines, fully automatic high-speed tagging; make up your own rules for code generation, hybrid encryption technology to guarantee every item has its own code; rigorous software control system that’s capable of comprehensively analyze any problem that may arise, we have already taken everything into account during the early stage of design and all fault-tolerant schemes have been reserved to ensure accurate data correlation;


    Cover corporate users’ long-term development demands and business planning, avoid overlapping investment caused by issues such as change of supplier due to increased demand system transformation and so on;


    Multilevel tagging correlation scheme; practical application to more than 10 thousand production lines around the globe, cover a variety of products and packaging, rich experiences in the field;


    Professional supporting team, world-renowned scanning and tagging equipment employed; participate in equipment debugging and installation, equipment runtime testing, routine maintenance throughout the entire course to ensure accurate data correlation.

• Smart Tracing

From raw material to finished products, from the production line to consumers, whichever industry you are in, WinSafe can help you achieve whole-chain tracing and tracking management of your products. Our consumer-oriented approach allows us to control every link from the source to the consumers, turn product control into product management and build you a comprehensive product tracing system.

Unparalleledly efficient manufacturing, channel and terminal throughout the whole process

Build a full-chain product IOT information system that’s capable of raw material management -process- logistics management- channel management - consumer management on the basis of product’s IOT identification code.Help improve product manufacturing, process and benefits, and establish the big data base for product circulation and consumption links by focusing on product ID code to achieve diversified full-chain product tracking.

Product’s life-cycle tracing opens up new horizons to smart internet of things

Principle: By carrying out associated search of information of each batch of products including their production time of various manufacturing procedures and batch no., record of various manufacturing procedures’ online or offline test data, quality test data of auxiliary materials used in each batch and so forth, provide quality analysts with measures and methods to track each batch of products’ quality control status in each procedure or link throughout the entire manufacturing process, recreate the very batch of products’ entire manufacturing process, find the problems from it and provide the foundation for quality improvement.

  • Raw Materials:

    Take notes of supplier information, product name, product quantity as well as product-related information such as place of origin and so on based on the source of raw materials.

  • Transportation:

    Realize delivery vehicles management at various nodes on the road according to the links through which raw materials are carried to the plants from the suppliers and based on their demands.

  • Plants:

    Plants run performance index tests for the raw materials received and produce corresponding test reports so as to make sure that our product tracing is based on concrete evidence.

You may choose complete product life-cycle tracing system or pick one of the modules as needed, e.g. the anti-counterfeit anti-channel conflict module, raw-material tracing module, etc. Assign every product with an exclusive identification code using identifying device and associate information such as the raw materials used to produce the product, the manufacturing process, the quality report, packaging process and the delivery process of finished product with the product’s identification code, thereby achieve functions including quality tracking, marketing channel tracing and interacting with customers regarding the product and so on.

  • Make the most of the value of tracing with our system’s modular design

    • •Track product’s circulation path

      •Minimize the risk of forgery and counterfeit

      •Cut down product circulation cycle

      •Meet regulatory requirements

    • •Capture acts of out-zone sale in real time

      •Dynamic management of inventory in different places

      •Precise product recall management

• Brand Protection

Protect your brand in advance in the digital era

After launching your products, we will provide you with multifaceted anti-counterfeit services, including anti-counterfeit survey and analysis report, market supervision, field inspection, datacloud hosting, assisted anti-counterfeit, customer service center and so forth to meet your relevant demands with our one-stop service and make sure that you maintain a competitive edge one step ahead. Our computer room is capable of disaster preparedness and data archiving, which enable it to leisurely cope with and protect our clients’ data from sudden disasters.

  • Reputation Damage

    Damages brand reputation
    infringes company’s legitimate rights and interests
    harms company’s survival and development.

  • Crisis of Confidence

    Confidence crisis of exports
    confidence crisis of the company
    confidence crisis of the country

  • PR Crisis

    Harms manufacturing
    harms lives
    harms customers’ legitimate rights and interests

  • Technology Type

    Texture  micro-texture  digital chip

    Item Code Type

    Identity Code (Numeric Code)  One-Dimensional Code (Bar Code)  QR Code  RFID

    Applicable Product Form

    Laser Marking  Ink Printing  Label Casting  QR Code Integrated Tag  Packing Box

    Implementation Model

    Digital Code Tag  Integrated Code-Spurting  Packaging Textured Tag  Integrated Laser Marking & Packaging

    Coding Form

    Basic Product Packaging: In the form of QR code. Contents included: URL+Numeric Code
    Carton Tag: Contains QR code, bar code and production information.

  • Professional QR code generation and client-side recognition capacity that keeps the information that your company tries to convey on a safe and reliable cloud platform. We have adopted encryption that’s up to international standard for our coding rules and every one of our QR code is an independent, encrypted ID number.

We give every product its unique identification code and when it reaches its end user, consumers may check whether the product is authentic by scanning the code with their cellphones, sending texts, using a plug-in phone or through the internet using such identification code. The plants’ sales control personnel, channel monitors may also tell whether the products have been sold to regions they are not supposed to so as to protect dealers’ interests and enthusiasm, make sure that companies’ price system are functioning properly and help them forge ahead in a steady and healthy pace.

We are “Different” because of our technological strength
The brand protection we offer lies underneath our item code