Client Background

Royal Philips is a company that’s specialized in diversified technology, a global 500 and one of the largest electronics brands in the world; it is devoted to improve people’s life quality with its significant innovations in health care, quality life and lighting domains. It’s a top player in various aspects such as heart monitor, urgent care, household health care, energy-saving lighting solution and new lighting application as well as shaving and beauty products for men, oral care products and so forth.

Demand Analysis

  • Mixed production, hard to set a standard;
  • Massive production data, heavy workload of data maintenance;
  • Counterfeits and cross-region sales have greatly undermined the enterprise’ s control over its channels;
  • It is hard to tell the counterfeits from the real thing, thus lowers consumers loyalty to the brand.


Solution Description

  • Product anti-counterfeit: Achieve product anti-counterfeiting, monitor key information such as raw material, production, warehousing, logistics and so forth and wipe out counterfeits through item code as well as RFID tag.
  • Channel distribution management: Shared information platform for enterprise and external resources, such as dealers, retailers, third-party logistics and consumers. Also capable of exchanging data with ERP.
  • Supply chain cooperative system: Seamless connection of various links, achieve whole-process monitoring of materials, total control of clients and reasonable allocation of funds.
  • Product tracing and tracking: Built on the basis of various IOT technologies such as One-Item-One-Code, big data, etc. Modules involved include product management, channel control, logistics regulation and alarm handling.

Main Benefits

  • Achieve production process monitoring and two-way tracking of products and raw materials through raw material and product tagging management;
  • Capable of obtaining timely and accurate product information as well as controlling product quality through tracing and tracking management as well as control;
  • Effectively contain counterfeits using anti-counterfeiting tags as a carrier;
  • Track, monitor where products are going throughout the whole process and prevent dealers from making cross-region sales with the help of one-item-one-code;
  • Effectively control product chaos in channel circulation and prevent chaotic price by monitoring dealers’ behaviors throughout the whole process;
  • Allow consumers to easily and quickly tell whether their products bought are authentic, and improve their loyalty to and confidence in the brand.