Digital Supply Chain 

Digital supply chain is the design philosophy and business practice designed to improve the visual management and collaboration of companies’ supply chain ecosphere. It helps to build companies’ downstream and upstream ecosystem, establish a closed management loop, improve the efficiency of collaboration, integrate information, materials, manufacturing, logistics and funds together, thus improves the overall management efficiency of the supply chain.
  • Building a responsive supply chain
    Meeting the ever-raising customer expectation

    • Improve the information exchange and monitoring at various links such as companies’ upstream and downstream as well as internal purchase, manufacturing, sales and so on to achieve full monitoring of supplies and clients as well as reasonable allocation of funds;

    • Help decision-makers find and tackle problems in an intuitive way based on efficient statistics and analysis of the supply chain information, create a virtuous manufacturing and marketing cycle, thereby improve companies’ market value;

    • Digital supply chain comes with powerful system features across the board, each functional module may be used separately and suit the demands of corporate users at different level.

Digital Supply Chain 

  • Control your entire supply chain using our planning model without being interrupted for quick decision making.

    • Develop into modern, highly configurable integrated material and capacity plan from MRP

    • Improve decision making by building models that are tailored to the complexity of your supply chain

    • Reduce the planning cycle through automation and optimization

    • Improve planners productivity through powerful exception management and root cause analysis

  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning
    Sense your demands, improve your agility and predict your profit in advance

  • Manufacturing Scheduling

    Improve your productivity in the workshop and optimize your resource investment as much as possible.

    • Quickly come up with a well-laid production plan that takes both capacity and date of delivery into account.

    • Improve the productivity of bottle-neck resources as much as possible

    • Minimize the time wasted in configuration and shutting down so as to improve your workshops’ performance

    • Quick problem identification and solving using Gantt Chart and advanced graphical analysis

  • Quick Plan

    Quickly respond to any accident using fast, accurate interactive planning

    • Execute quick, incremental demand/supply plan driven by real-time events

    • Obtain practical and effective predictive insights using our professional embedded analysis

    • Turn decisions into actions using the readily available integration with the execution system

    • Improve planners’ productivity using our modern spreadsheet interface

• Distribution Management

Digitization brings both opportunities and challenges, which make it hard to be generalized. WinSafe distribution management refers to the management method of minimizing the cost of the entire supply chain system by effectively bringing the supplier, manufacturer, distribution center and distributor together for product manufacturing, transport, distribution and sales provided that certain level of customer service is maintained.

  • Integrate all sorts of application system from various marketing channels

    At companies’ manufacturing, storage and transport, marketing, after-sales links

    • • Accurately obtain the sales and inventory information of retailers in the selling network in real time

      • Obtain effective market data in time to improve the accuracy of business decision

      • Quick and efficient product and logistics information gathering and delivering

    • • Accurately track products with quality problems;

      • Provide retailers with better supporting services.

With the constant development of media, especially the internet, new distribution channels continue to emerge and become popular rather quickly. The rapid development of online business has filled the gap of traditional distribution channels. Logistics code can help us achieve whole process tracking management of the supply chain, fully cover your manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, terminal and anti-counterfeit systems, and enable you to obtain the inventory and sales information of every logistics node and dealer, thereby effectively control the flow of commodity and optimize your penetration plan.
Support various or mixed forms of marketing
  • • Support flexible configuration and expansion of various business units

    • Support quick deployment and low-cost throughout the country

    • Reduced IT cost helps organize and expand your business, which helps you make changes on demand

    • Meet regulatory requirements

  • • Our system supports third-party logistics distribution, which helps lower your logistics cost

    • Integrate various application systems in marketing channels

Help you identify your demands faster, thereby greatly improve your profitability. Our automatic forecast can development your plans based on accurate forecast without any additional statistical expertise. This will build a customer-oriented organization, improve our level of service and sales, lower our inventory and distribution costs as well as improving our customer satisfaction.
  • Collaboration

    Development secure cooperation with our trade partners, quickly respond to any supply chain exception and cut down the response time.

    • Improve global visibility and reduce supply shortage through inventory pooling

    • Simplify your supply chain process through supplier management and consignment stock

    • Capable of proactive supplier performance monitoring through multi-enterprise planning

    • Identify inter-identification inter-enterprise supply problems using exception management framework

  • Scientific Controlling

    Help companies achieve whole-process electronic monitoring management of sales process and provide authentic and stable data for production process optimization as well as logistics and labor cost reduction.

    Cost Visualization

    Quickly improve management efficiency and return and run scientific management over all dealers and every terminal.

    Terminal Connection

    Break through the barriers among brands, customers and terminals so as to establish a new O2O marketing pattern.

Keep supply and demands on the same page and efficiently cope with any accident that may occur.
  • Turn your supply chain into competitive edge from functional demand. We provide extensive and in-depth features that are capable of creating you a modern business beyond the boundaries of demands, supply and products.

    Order Commitment

    Quickly, accurately make a trustworthy delivery commitment

    • Make accurate, reliable commitment through accurate modeling of supply chain constraints

    • Allocate supplies to major clients and main channels so as to increase your profit as much as possible

    • Support all commitment modes through available to promise (ATP), capable to promise and delivery performance.

    • Cope with rapidly-changing business environment through comprehensive overstock management

  • Inventory Optimization

    Identify inventory strategy that’s capable of balancing income, cost, level of customer service and inventory budget.

    • Calculate positions in stock to ensure the level of service required with low cost

    • Manage supply chain change and reduce supply chain risk using inventory management

    • Analyze channels, products and clients so as to increase your profit as much as possible

• Smart IOT

Achieve interconnection of personnel, procedure and equipment using the Internet of Things (IOT)

With the help of the inter-connectivity among adaptive procedure, big data and internet of things, you can support new business process, business model and working environment, thereby meet your demand for all your digital businesses and apply your knowledge and insights produced by IOT data to asset and facility management activities.

  • Connect IOT device with your business process and back-end system in real time; improve your efficiency and automation degree, perfect your replenishing process, and build a new product and service business model; maximize the value of your customer-facing IOT product and smart device.

    • Cloud deployment

    • IOT device optimization

    • Data-driven insights

    • Automation

Meet companies’ unique IOT demands

Whichever stage you are in your business transformation, you can get our guidance, best practice specifications and professional knowledge, quickly enable our WinSafe solution and improve your return on investment by cooperating with industry experts, counselors and support engineers.

  • Seize business opportunities through real-time cognitive coordination

    • Staying connected is the key for companies to get the upper hand using IOT technology, as inter-connection helps enterprise equipment share important insights and fully fathom the factors that affect their equipment efficiency.

    • Analysts estimated that by the year of 2025, insights formed based on the data of inter-connected device may create a potential economic value of 11 trillion U.S. dollars;

    • Explore the IOT age of the future and be prepared for it;

    • Embrace the development opportunities brought by internet of things, enterprises should have both insight and flexibility.

Speed up business transformation using smart IOT

  • Simplify and speed up digital transformation to achieve corporate objectives

    Companies have now begun to aim at sustainable innovation and customer demand forecasting. In this context, it’s hard for them to make their vision come true. Nevertheless, WinSafe smart IOT is able to lend you a helping hand. With more than 20 years of experiences in this field, we can help you easily make it through every stage in your business transformation and achieve all your business transformation objectives.

    Achieve business transformation using our unparalleled full service

    WinSafe smart IOT can bring the power of business department and IT department together and help companies fill the gap between their digital transformation strategy and implementation. From design and value discovery, to accelerated innovation, and to effective utilization of practical operating results, we will always be your faithful counsellor who helps you develop new markets and achieve business growth.

Focus on customers and increase your revenue

These days, products that are internet connected continue to produce IOT data, which contain a profusion of new business opportunities. Nonetheless, it is the clients that are behind all these billions of connected applications, device, sensors and websites. Hence, make sure that you offer your clients the best experiences with WinSafe smart internet of things. This is the one and only platform that’s designed to keep all your IOT data in the best place you can find.
• Make more sensible plans and decisions faster;
• Keep your plans and operations on the same page and deliver remarkable gains.

  • IOT Technology

    Establish intelligent connection with all IOT data from any device with the help of WinSafe smart IOT’s powerful features. Use the internet of things to better manage all aspects of your business, such as sales, service and marketing, and stick to the customer-centric philosophy, readily switch from traditional resources to connected smart device.

• New Retail Chain

raditional retail management emphasizes more on “Quantity” and “Cashier”, which makes it hard to cultivate customer loyalty and sustain business growth; WinSafe has found the winning formula for retail terminal - while meeting customers’ traditional demands, lay more emphasis on: Real-time retail data collection, mobile member management as well as sales representative performance evaluation. The greatest charm of WinSafe’s new retail chain lies in “Timeliness of Data”.

Send information such as tens of thousands of bar codes scanned at retail terminals to company headquarter in real time through wireless network (WIFI, 2G/3G/4G network channels on cell phones) and truly achieve: Enable the headquarter to receive sales data from thousands of retail terminals throughout the country within seconds. WinSafe new retail chain carries: managerial functions including sales data collection, terminal performance evaluation, member promotions, real-time stock circulation and so on, help extend company’s business management to every corner of its terminals.

  • Value

    • Real-time gathering, real-time uploading

    • Obtain sales terminal, inventory data across the country in real time and reduce overstocking.

    • Real-time terminal cargo-allocation application to reduce companies’ loss from supply shortage.

    • Check other stores’ inventory in real time to improve your sales opportunity and sales performance

    • Establish unified networking management for members throughout the country that allows real-time member points checking.

    • Quickly gather customer comments, competitors’ information and feedback on products to improve company’s market response.

    • Get hold of terminal sales representatives’ attendance and expenses in real time

    • Upload/pass down the information interaction between headquarter and terminal agencies in real time

    • Terminal device may be hand-held smart device, such as scanner gun, smart phone, pocket computer or traditional PC or POS device that helps with data gathering and real-time data uploading on the scene.

Predict and deliver an attractive shopping experience

With the help of WinSafe new retail chain, you may switch to a simple real-time retail platform and learn your customers’ behaviors, anticipate their demands, manage your inventory using this platform, and deliver personalized full-channel product and service through the channel of interaction that they choose, thereby expand your customer base and improve your profit. You may use real-time customer insight and Point-of-Sale (POS) insight to establish certain connection with your customers in any channel, obtain necessary visibility and optimize every link that extends from sales promotion to supply chain.

  • Marketing & Sales Promotion

    Marketing & Promotion data and Insights
    Merchandising Planning & Product Combination Planning
    Full-Channel Marketing
    Full-Channel Pricing & Promotion

  • Purchased & Private Brands

    Purchased Data & Insights
    Sourcing & Contract Management
    Merchandise Purchase
    Private Brand

  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Data & Insights
    Allocation & Replenishment
    Full-Channel Inventory & Order Responding
    Logistics & Order Fulfilling

  • Full-Channel Customer Experience

    Customer Data & Insights
    Customer Interaction & Personalization
    Retail Store & Digital Commerce
    Full-Chanel Orde Management

IOT technology is changing the rules by which retail business plays. Get ready to win the age of digital economy.

As retail business continues to change, leading retailers gradually find that they have to take immediate actions in order to seize any possible opportunity and achieve profitable business growth. They ought to learn how to master digital transformation, rebuild all aspects that range from business model to customer interaction, and boost their own energy right away.

  • Smart IOT has brought about sweeping changes to retail business as if enables retailers to use better facility management features to improve their operating efficiency, thereby greatly reduce their costs and maximize their profits. Retailers can ever learn customers digital shopping behaviors on a deeper level, thereby create personalized shopping experiences for them, win over new customers, build their bran loyalty and improve their sales productivity.

    Besides, the data processing feature of our smart IOT can also be used to help merchants optimize their merchandising, make smarter product and pricing decisions, and better communicate with their customers.