Yanzeo 15M-30M Long Range RFID Reader 12dbi Antenna RS232/RJ45/ Wiegand UHF Reader + Free SDK(Demo) 4G Network WIFI Port

● 30M Long Range UHF Integrated Reader

● High Performance Yanzeo RFID Chip

● RS232/RS485/Wiegand (RJ45 WIFI 4G)

● Waterproof, Durable ,Rugged UHF RFID Reader

● It is Easy To Develope And Deploy Using Http

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Yanzeo SI802 is a high-performance linear polarized antenna UHF reader compatible with ISO 18000-6C and ISO 18000-6B standards. Its operating frequency is 902MHz ~ 928MHz, excellent read and write performance, especially suitable for reading high-speed mobile label. The reader meets a variety of application needs, especially for community, parking vehicle management, highway non-stop charging and logistics management.    

Application areas:

Logistics and warehousing management: item flow and warehousing management and flow management of mail, parcels, transport baggage, etc.;

Intelligent parking lot management: parking lot management and charging automation;

Production line management: identification of the production process fixed point;

Product anti-counterfeiting detection: use the in-tag memory write protection function to identify the authenticity of the product;

Other areas: in the club management, library, student status, consumption management, attendance management, dining management, pool management and other systems have been widely used.


Product Features:

The power is small, the reading and writing distance is stable and reliable;

Fast data read rate;

Label wakeup recognition;

Multi-zone multi-label reading;

Directional tag data writing;

Multi-protocol compatibility;

Waterproof design;


Yanzeo SI802 Passive UHF Reader Technical Parameters

Functional Characteristics

Working Frequency:

National standard (920 ~ 925MHz)

American Standard (902 ~ 928MHz)

Other multinational frequency standards (customized)

Label Agreement:

ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2)


Frequency Hopping Mode:

Broadband frequency hopping (FHSS) or fixed frequency, which can be set by software;

Antenna Parameters:

12dBi linear polarized antenna (built-in)

Output Power:

0dBm ~ 30dBm (software adjustable)

Read And Write Distance:

Maximum distance of reading tags: 25m (related to factors such as transmit power, antenna type, tag type and application environment)

Write tag maximum distance: 6m (related to factors such as transmit power, antenna type, tag type and application environment)

Working Mode:

Active mode

Passive mode

Answer mode (not recommended)

External Interface

Power Interface:

DC +12V

Communication Interface:

RS-232 interface, RS-485 interface

Wiegand interface: support Wiegand 26, Wiegand 34

10/100M Ethernet interface


Trigger Interface:

1 trigger level input

GPIO Interface:

2 GPIO outputs (requires customization)

Working Environment

Working Temperature:


Storage Temperature:


Physical Parameter






Power Adapter:

AC 110 ~ 220V / DC +12V

Power Cable:


RS-232 Signal Cable:


Mounting Bracket:

Pole mounting fixture

Development Kit:

Provide VS, Android SDK   


Warranty policy:
Each of Yanzeo RFID Reader will have a 12 months warranty
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