1.4*8mm Microchips Dogs ID Microchip FDX-B ISO 11784/11785 Pet Cats Dogs Microchips RFID Implant Kit for Pet Dog Cat with Syringe for Veterinary Management

●【Strict Production Standards】-All animal microchips are subject to strict production standards to ensure sterility and safety.

●【Widely used】-This suitable for small dogs , cats, and other small animals veterinarians,  easy to operate.

●【Injection of the Microchip】 It's best to microchip your pet during neuter surgery. It is a glass tag and small in size for easy injection.

●【Compatible with various scanners】-The microchip is Readable and writable and it is in the 134.2K/125K FDX-B format (ISO11784/11785 compliant) with 15-bit Encoding, compatible with various scanners and pet auto feeder.


●【ICAR CERTIFIED】-All chips are certified by Animal identification certifications (ICAR), It can be used as pet ID, pet insurance, pet tracking and traceability, etc.

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Chip Type: Read and write
Frequency:(Adjust) ASK, 134.2 KHz
Protocol: ISO 11785 & ISO 11784 / FDX-B
Write Times: > 1,000,000 times
Dimension Diameter :about 1.4 mm Length : about 8 mm
Working Time > 20 years
Read Range 40 - 500 mm
How to inject it?
1, scan the animal, make sure there is no microchip in your pet
2, make sure that the packing is undamaged and then open the package
3 take out the syringe and barcodes
4, remove the red limit card of the syringe and open the lid. Attention:Remember that the needle tip must not be lowered to prevent microchips from coming out.
5,sterilize the parts of the animals that will be injected with iodine
6 useyour left hand pinches the skin and use your right hand to hold the syringe, and the needle is better 15 degrees to the skin.
7, the right hand pushes the syringe to the bottom, and it will hear a click, and use cotton ball to hold the injection site and gently pull out the needle.
8, hold the injection site for 10 seconds with cotton ball, which is good for wound closure.
9, using a scanner to read the chip 10, it will display 15 ID numbers on scanner
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